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As a consequence of the increasing professionalization of the sector and the application of logical criteria, pest control is introducing new concepts and new techniques, which are generically called Integrated Pest Control. Of you are in Sydney and looking for pest control, and then it is must to opt for Pest control services for Sydney.

Specific controls:

  • Disinsection Treatments
  • Rodent control
  • Flying insect control
  • Environmental disinfection

Integrated pest management is a combination of procedures in which all means at our disposal are used to combat a pest or keep the population of harmful species below the tolerance threshold, using natural mortality factors first and foremost. Subsequently using integrated control methods (biological, physical, chemical) compatible with the environment and public health, minimizing environmental pollution. The objective of an Integrated Pest Control Program is to adequately adapt the different control techniques to the specific environment, using the least amount of toxic products and making prevention a main factor in the control of pests. We are a company of environmental hygiene services, specialized in pest control services for Sydney.

Heat treatment at pest control services for Sydney:

The increasingly rational and restricted use of harmful biocidal products for the control of insects has forced the companies responsible for pest control to evolve in their way of combating the presence of insects. Luckily for everyone, there have been behind the times in which indiscriminate use of insecticides was made, times in which some little responsible companies literally killed the cockroaches with real insecticide bombs. Since its inception, Initial has fulfilled the maxim of using the lowest harmful product at the lowest possible concentration and introduced the concept of integral control of pests in which the inspection action and the adoption of preventive physical measures on the use are the most important of biocides. Faithful to this philosophy in Initial we have been researching and applying heat methodologies for several years with an effective, fast, safe and ecological way to eliminate insects.

We offer pest control services for Sydney:

Specialized in Pest Control

We are a company specializing in Pest Control (Disinsection, Deratization, and Disinfection) that prioritizes ecological treatments, avoiding the use of biocides and maintaining a totally guaranteed effectiveness in all its treatments for the control of pests.

Pest Control with the best experts

Our multidisciplinary team is formed by biologists and expert veterinarians with a strong knowledge of the behavior and biology of the different types of pests and their control, allowing giving an ecological, professional and effective solution for the prevention, control, and elimination of pests. We perform preventive treatments and specific monitoring and control programs for each type of pest, adapting to the needs of each client.

Pest Control to Individuals

Next, we have synthesized the phases of our Pest Control service to individuals:

  • You call us – Identify the typology of the pest and its level of infestation with the details that the client identifies us. If necessary, a preliminary inspection of the affected area could be carried out.
  • We give you your budget – In the same call, we inform you of the diagnosis based on your data and the final cost of the service.
  • We set a date – Once the budget is accepted, we proceed to set the day to carry out the treatment, adapting to the needs of the client and within a maximum of 48 hours.
  • Provision of the Service – We carry out disinfection, pest control or disinsection with proven efficacy through procedures that minimize the use of biocides. In addition, we will give you tips to prevent the appearance of a new pest.
  • Post-Treatment Service – We deliver a certificate in accordance with the pest control service, with the no-pest guarantee.

Pest control services for Sydney throughout:

We offer our pest control services anywhere in Sydney. Unlike other companies in pest control, we specialize in offering solutions to companies with the presence in multiple points of geography through a single interlocutor. Treatment does not use insecticides; we get the elimination of the pest by applying dry steam. Unlike other treatments available in the market, applying a constant temperature higher than 50ยบ Celsius we manage to eliminate all and each one of the phases of bed pest (eggs, nymphs, and adults). With the treatments based on biocides, it does not affect the eggs and a reinfestation is very common after a few weeks. In addition, by not using insecticides does not require safety times of any kind, being a safer treatment for the health of people and respectful of the environment.

Most common pests and our services:

Cockroach Control

We use our methods of disinsection to eliminate one of the most common and harmful such as cockroach infestations.


We have rodent control services, avoiding damage to the facilities in which the plague occurs.


We use the most appropriate products and methods according to the type of insect, respecting the health and the environment in the process.

What else we do?


Audit is done to detect those practices or actions (cleaning, maintenance, etc.) that may favor the spread of bed pest. This audit also includes measures to correct the deficiencies detected


Preventive surveillance program through periodic inspections of all the rooms


Staff training is done to acquire the necessary knowledge to detect the presence of bed pest, how to proceed in case of infestation and the procedures to be carried out in routine day-to-day work to avoid a spread of bed pest to the rest of the rooms.


It allows having documented all incidences of bed pest, their evolution over time, the measures taken in each case and the protocols of action for each situation due to the incidence of bed pest. There is the possibility of online monitoring: the specialized program of registration of incidents, registration of activities and analysis of trends in the evolution of online pest.


With the treatment applied, together with the implementation of the post-treatment proposed measures, we guarantee the elimination of pest.

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