Cool things to buy on Amazon

There are many Cool things to buy on amazon as far as you know what you want and they can still be usable.

  • The Cartoon Network Steven Universe Cheeseburger Backpack: it is 100 percent made in the polyester and it was officially launched under Cartoon Network Products. It is a tomato, bun and Cheese with the zip that can be unzipped to show different pockets.  The bun features a second nylon pocket within and it is used for school suppliers or small items.
  • Infectious Disease Balls or stress balls: each ball has a mesh-like bag. When you squeeze it hard, it will get the blisters out of its holes into the bag and they will be having a new color different to the one of the ball. Smallpox stress ball will change from the sickly green and it will turn in the crimson red when it is squeezed.  It is gross at the same time fun item that you can have.  The balls are found in four different diseases, the bubonic plague which has blue and green colors, smallpox which is in green and red, cooties in red and the Zombie virus which is in orange and green colors.
  • Thumbs up! Pussy Magnet: this is a magnet in the cat shape and it can attract the staples and the paper clips. It is the best gift to give to a cat lover and you can find it in cool things to buy on amazon.
  • Joseph, Joseph Grip No-slip Serving Tray, black: this is a non slip serving tray that was made by Joseph and it had deep sides with wide carrying handles that makes it to carry easy around heavy loads. It has rubber studs that are molded at the bottom and it makes the bottom of its base to be too sturdy. It is great for the outdoor and indoor dining and it can be wiped clean using a damp cloth.
  • Luminoodle Rope LED Lights for Camping, Safety, Hiking and Emergencies – Portable String LED Light That Doubles as an Lantern (LED): it comes with luminoodle light rope and it is USB-powered and waterproof LED rope that features lumen of some lights. The portable LED string is versatile and it can be used to light anything.  It is an essential to add to the camping and backpacking essentials.  The LED Light can be used as an emergency tool and it can be kept into the safety tool.
  • Goat Story MUG, Hemp 12, Oz, this is a horn shaped mug and it can hold up to 350mls of the favorite coffee drink. It has 2 straps for short and long parts so it is easy to carry the coffee mug around. It has a holder that can make it to stand and it makes it easy to put the mug at a flat surface. It is BPA free and it is 100 percent leak proof.
  • Shower Pass Crosspoint Waterproof WP Hi-Viz Crew Sock: the socks are made up with 78 nylon, 7 spandex and 15 percent of polyester. The socks solves the problem of a soggy toe and it can keep the feet dry and it is completely water proof with 3 layers while it has anti-bacteria lining.