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Cool things to buy on Amazon

There are many Cool things to buy on amazon as far as you know what you want and they can still be usable.

  • The Cartoon Network Steven Universe Cheeseburger Backpack: it is 100 percent made in the polyester and it was officially launched under Cartoon Network Products. It is a tomato, bun and Cheese with the zip that can be unzipped to show different pockets.  The bun features a second nylon pocket within and it is used for school suppliers or small items.
  • Infectious Disease Balls or stress balls: each ball has a mesh-like bag. When you squeeze it hard, it will get the blisters out of its holes into the bag and they will be having a new color different to the one of the ball. Smallpox stress ball will change from the sickly green and it will turn in the crimson red when it is squeezed.  It is gross at the same time fun item that you can have.  The balls are found in four different diseases, the bubonic plague which has blue and green colors, smallpox which is in green and red, cooties in red and the Zombie virus which is in orange and green colors.
  • Thumbs up! Pussy Magnet: this is a magnet in the cat shape and it can attract the staples and the paper clips. It is the best gift to give to a cat lover and you can find it in cool things to buy on amazon.
  • Joseph, Joseph Grip No-slip Serving Tray, black: this is a non slip serving tray that was made by Joseph and it had deep sides with wide carrying handles that makes it to carry easy around heavy loads. It has rubber studs that are molded at the bottom and it makes the bottom of its base to be too sturdy. It is great for the outdoor and indoor dining and it can be wiped clean using a damp cloth.
  • Luminoodle Rope LED Lights for Camping, Safety, Hiking and Emergencies – Portable String LED Light That Doubles as an Lantern (LED): it comes with luminoodle light rope and it is USB-powered and waterproof LED rope that features lumen of some lights. The portable LED string is versatile and it can be used to light anything.  It is an essential to add to the camping and backpacking essentials.  The LED Light can be used as an emergency tool and it can be kept into the safety tool.
  • Goat Story MUG, Hemp 12, Oz, this is a horn shaped mug and it can hold up to 350mls of the favorite coffee drink. It has 2 straps for short and long parts so it is easy to carry the coffee mug around. It has a holder that can make it to stand and it makes it easy to put the mug at a flat surface. It is BPA free and it is 100 percent leak proof.
  • Shower Pass Crosspoint Waterproof WP Hi-Viz Crew Sock: the socks are made up with 78 nylon, 7 spandex and 15 percent of polyester. The socks solves the problem of a soggy toe and it can keep the feet dry and it is completely water proof with 3 layers while it has anti-bacteria lining.

Using pain killers

Pain killer is special types of drugs which are used to reduce pain in one’s body. There are various types of pain killers and one should make sure that they use them appropriately. When a person fails to use them appropriately they might be affected due to misuse.

Misuse of drugs reduces their effectiveness. There are various ways in which an individual can make sure that they have used them in the right way.

Do not overdose

When a person is sick or is feeling some pain, they might desire to get quick recovery. This has made many people to take more than those drugs prescribed to them. A person who does this is risking their lives because some of these tablets might be harmful when taken in excess. When one’s body gets used to an overdose, taking the normal dose will not be effective. This will therefore force one to look for stronger tablets.

Avoid under-dossing

There are some people who fear drugs. This makes them to take a lower number of tablets. When a person takes an under-dose the drugs will not function well. A person can therefore make sure that the right number off tablets is taken.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions

There are some drugs which are produced in the form of suspension. If the manufacturer wants the user of the drug to shake it well before using it then instructions should be followed. It will also be advisable for one to make sure that they have kept these drugs away from the reach of children.


When taking a Pain killer dose one should make sure that they have taken that dose which is appropriate for their age. The manufacturer is aware why they say that those people of a certain age should take a given prescription. The most important thing that a person should do when using painkillers is to use the right Pain killer. In case a person is having some headache then they should not go for those pain killers designed for stomachache. Many people are confused about what combination of medicine to taken with proper care and this is a very serious issue. Pain killers are helping lots of people live a better life and that is something really good, lots of people are confused about selecting the right options and sometime may go in for a higher dose and if that happens then there could be a problem and that is something you do not want as it can cause serious side effects on the body. Pain killers may also cause rashes and some harm to the liver and that could be dangerous in prolonged use, something you do not want. There are lots of over the counter pain killers in the market and people are very busy at the present time and keep on taking it as and how they need them as they need to be in good condition for the busy day, but they do not know that this is going to impact majorly in long run and hence you need to be careful and avoid doing this thing or it could be trouble.

Precautions when using pain killers

Handling drugs might be tricky and if an individual is not keen they might find themselves wishing to have known. For instance drugs should be kept properly so that their effectiveness is not interfered with. Some people could want to assume that dealing with drugs is the work of health specialists but this might not be case. Some of the areas that one has to be keen with when dealing with drugs include the following:


Pain killer should be stored well. When these drugs are kept in wet conditions they are likely to be affected. A person should therefore make sure that the place where drugs are kept are not wet or have chances of being wet. Most of the drugs should also not be kept in an area where there is no direct sunlight. The U.V rays from the sun has high chances of interfering with the composition of these drugs. Some of the substances which are used to make these drugs easily dissociate in the presence of sunlight. Proper storage will therefore increase performance of these drugs.


Every product which is on the market today has a certain lifespan. Pain killer can last for some time after which they will be unfit for human use. Before an individual decides to use these Pain killer they should make sure that they have checked the expiry date of such products. Using expired pain killers can be harmful to the life of a patient.


Some of the pain killers that people take should be dissolved in water before being used. It will be of great importance for a person to make sure that right quantities are measured when dissolving these drugs in water. This will help one to reduce chances of over-dosing or under-dosing. Taking precautionary measures will be of great benefit to a person who is using pain killers.

Pain killer is a  medicine which helps people get relief from pain and that is something which is of great help for people who are suffering from chronic pain. Though this provides instant relief, in some case it may cause major side effects which may result in serious side effects, which can be very dangerous for human life and hence one needs to be very careful before taking too much of it and should go in for medical attention which is a better option.

Many people have developed serious consequences by taking prolonged medication of pain killers and that also not under medical supervision. With kids never do this, it can be tremendously dangerous and hence never think about giving any kind of pain killer to your child no matter what the problem is, unless prescribed by the doctor. This can have serious effect on the kid and can lead to some major issues, if done regularly or may be even once including allergies, which is a very common type of side effect, you should be very careful of this habit, as once this is formed can lead to serious implications in your life and in some cases could be life threatening also. So be careful you do not want to land into trouble.